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Spring -summer menu



Cold foie wrapped with caramelized apple
12 €

Aubergine and camembert tempura with a drizzle of cane honey
10 €

White and green asparagus with avocado and prawn vinaigrette
12 €

Chicken won tong, bean sprouts and ginger
12 €

Stir fry of baby broad beans, baby calamari, garlic and ham
13 €

Betibo salad (chicken with sesame seeds, avocado, cherry tomatoes and dry nuts)
10 €

Warm salad of fresh spinach, wild mushrooms, toasted duck ham
12 €

 Main courses

Sirloin steak with vegetables
21 €

Fillet steak cooked on a hot stone (min 2 people)
20 € / per person

Roasted duck magret with pears in wine sauce and potato chips
15 €

Caramelised chicken drums with Chinese noodles
13 €

Glazed Iberian braised pork cheek with potatoes au gratin
14 €

Fried baby lamb chops with garlic, mushrooms and potatoespobre
16 €

Fresh made spaghetti with baby cuttlefish, artichokes and baby broad beans.
16 €

Fish of the day